Chinchilla members

The Chinchilla Pillar is comprised of three organisations, of which two are Chinchilla Breeders Associations (UCCR and AGFCICR). The two Associations are members of the umbrella-association of the European fur sector – Fur Europe – since 2011 and 2012, respectively. Through its members, the Chinchilla pillar represents more than 100 Romanian chinchilla breeders, spread throughout the country.

With this pillar, we promote the adherence to the Code of Best Practice in Chinchilla Breeding, which was developed and implemented by chinchilla breeders at European level. We are making all the efforts to implement this code in all the chinchilla farms affiliated to ARBL and support unaffiliated breeders to implement it as well. The Code of Best Practice can be found in the Articles and Resources section of this website.

Currently AGFCICR has over 75 members, breeders from all the regions of Romania, with a steady growth every year.
AGFCICR has been an active member of FurEurope since2012.

Romanian Chinchilla Breeders Union

Our Association is made-up of people with a vast experience in elevating and breeding chinchillas, people whose own farms’ main activity is breeding and trading chinchillas.