Welcome to the Romanian Fur Association's website.


We create and apply new ideas in order to develop our activity fields.


Each member of our association benefits of the same privileges.


The association promotes the open dialogue between society and the fur sector.

The Chinchilla Pillar is comprised of three organisations, of which two are Chinchilla Breeders Associations. The two Associations are members of the umbrella-association of the European fur sector – Fur Europe

Pilonul Manufacturierilor si Comerciantilor de articole din blana naturala inglobeaza aceste categorii, si isi stabileste norme legate de bunele practici referitoare la procesele sus mentionate.

The Mink Pillar is comprised of three organisations whose farms have adequate space for breeding and raising cubs, feed silos and administrative offices, and provide the best conditions of animal welfare.

ARBL Objectives

1. Best Practice

Monitoring the implementation of the Codes of Best Practice in the fields of interest for the association, e.g. fur animal breeding techniques, welfare standards in fur farms, raw fur trading, fur fashion.

2. Information

Creating a database of technical, economical and commercial information in order to help optimize the activity of our members

3. Support

Providing technical and legal assistance to all our members

4. Funding

Attracting sponsors and financing programs in order to get the funding necessary for our activity, which will be used to accomplish the purpose of our association