non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical and independent organization

ARBL was created in order to elaborate and apply a unified strategy in the national fur industry, both at producer level and among manufacturers and bulk and retail sellers, with the purpose of:

  • elevating the competitiveness of this industry on national and international level
  • representing this industry both nationally and internationally
  • getting involved in any other aspects of interest for this industry

The Romanian Fur Association’s structure and initiatives observe the principles of initiative, involvement and cooperation, volunteering, friendship, mutual respect and support, transparency, equity, competence, responsibility, sovereignty, legality, durability and multilateralism.

Our objectives are:

  • Monitoring the implementation of the Codes of Best Practice in the fields of interest for the association
  • Creating a database of technical, economical and commercial information in order to help optimize the activity of our members
  • Providing technical and legal assistance to all our members
  • Attracting sponsors and financing programs in order to get the funding necessary for our activity, which will be used to accomplish the purpose of our association

ARBL Membership

Manufacture and retail / 40%
Chinchilla / 30%
Mink / 30%

Can be a member of ARBL any commercial entity, natural person or sector organization with a legal entity in Romania, such as professional associations which bring together economic agents from the production and services, education, or research and development fields, based on the freely expressed wish of being a member of ARBL and the consent of respecting its statutes.

Founding members